May 10, 2008

Mikayla is 3

Mikayla turned 3 on May 7th and all I have to say is where did the last 3 years go. It seems like yesterday she was a baby.

Grandma and Grandpa (Joe's parents) came in on Wednesday to help her celebrate her birthday. There present was the trampoline and it was a huge hit. On Saturday we had a birthday party and invited all of her friends.

They had plenty to do, we planted seeds in pots for them to take home and grow either flowers or herbs. Then it was time to hit the trampoline.

After that is was time to play in the sandbox.

Mikayla's daycare provider, Eric, was there and he made baloon animals and a crown for Mikayla to wear.

Cake Time!!

After opening presents they sat on her bed while I read a new book she received. That lasted less than 5 minutes!

Overall she had a great time and I think the party was a huge success.

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AmyBow said...

Tiff - first, you look FABULOUS! Lily and Mikayla are lucky ducks to have such an awesome mama.