June 29, 2007

90% Emmissions Reduce

As you know I am working on reducing my emissions, not by 90% but reducing them. So I sat down this month and kept track of how much gas we used. Normally Americans use 500 gallons of gas per person per yes. To break it down that means for a family of 3 we would be using 124.8 gallons of gas per month!! That would be over $400 in gas per month!! Wow. This month we used one gar for 75% of the time. I rode my bike to and from work at least 3 days a week. We also took trips on the weekend to go hiking were we drove over 40 miles total. Our total gallons used this month were 42.5. If we reduce our emissions to 12.5 gallons we would be reducing our emissions to 12.5 gallons we would hit the 90% mark. We also went over in gas when I had to use my car for work to drive over 60 miles and I know my husband uses the car for work purposes as well. I know that the month of July we will be using more than 42.5 gallons because we have to drive to Denver (200 plus miles) twice and we are flying to New Jersey at the end of the summer - I don't know how to figure those miles in but I will be over.

Once I get my gas and electric bills I will post the difference on those. I have been using the clothes line outside to dry 80% of our clothes so the dryer only runs about 2 hours on the weekend. Hubby still uses the clothes dryer when he does laundry during the week. If I was a stay at home mom and I did all of the laundry I would hang it outside, but I am not and I need the help that Hubby gives.

I have also bought 3 of the CFL (is that right) low energy light bulbs and installed them in different fixtures. We will see if that helps the electric bill as well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, One of the girls here at work said they started turning off the computer and TV, VCR, at night and saved $10 a month. I am saving some (if they are not too messy) foil pans from lunches here at work to recycle. We plan on doing aluminum cans and plastic as soon as we get a container. Mom