June 28, 2011

Trip to Denver

About two weeks ago we headed to Denver to see Joe's parents.  They live in New Jersey but they flew into Denver to see us.  His Dad is not big on the altitude of Gunnison so we decided to meet in Denver.  This also makes it a vacation for us as well.

Even though it was actually hotter in Gunnison than Denver we spent as much time as possible at the pool.  Or I should say that Joe and the girls spent as much time as possible at the pool.

We went to the Children's Museum of Denver.  This was awesome!  Here are the girls standing on a rock rattlesnake.

Grandpa Joe driving the fire truck.

They had the really cool exhibit that was a green with tunnels and holes.  Just a real tree.  Here is Lily dressed up like a possum.

Lily LOVED shopping in the market.  Then she went next door to cook with the food she just bought.  Mikayla loved the art area the best.

If you have real young kids they have the perfect play room for them.  We checked it out. 

The one thing my family does not have is any good pictures of all of us.  I had Joe's mom take a few and this was the best out of all of them.

Joe took Mikayla and his dad to a Rockies game.  Mikayla had a blast.

Lily sleeping in the big king size bed that her and I shared.

Mikayla has now lost 3 teeth!  Isn't she cute!!


funderson said...

YES! She is! Looks like you're all cute and had a great mini-break!

Stephanie said...

I hear Denver's a really cool city! Do you agree? What were your favorite/least favorite things about it?


Isabella said...

I have always wanted to take my child to the children's museum. Have you been to Denver's aquarium? That's a pretty cool place.