May 29, 2011

Sage Burner 25K

I did it!  I ran the 25K Sage Burner at Hartman Rocks.  The first 3 to 4 miles were tough but then the uphill mellowed out and after another mile or so it was a long, mellow downhill with a few ups but not as steep as the beginning.  At the last aid station I rested for a few minutes and then I headed out to finish it up.  The weather was perfect.  Towards the end of the run it was getting windy but the wind was either pushing me towards the finish or it was cooling me down.  I wanted to do this run in under 4 hours and I crossed the finish line at 4 hours and 1 minute with a total mileage of 16.25 miles.  I would have done it under 4 hours but right after Jack's the course went down Collarbone Alley and that was so steep that I almost had to sit down to go down the super steep hills.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  When Joe and the girls dropped me off in the morning we forgot the camera and then when Joe was taking pictures at the end of the race after one picture the memory card was full!

Would I do this race again?  Yesterday I would have said no but today I think I would.  Do I want to do the 50K Sage Burner - not at this time =).


Greenstylemom said...

Way to go!! I'm so, so impressed!

Tammy said...

Way to go Tiff! That is awesome! I'm super impressed. The scenery was beautiful I'm sure!

Stephanie said...

Impressive! Kudos to you for staying so physically fit.

What's the next race on your calendar?