December 4, 2010

Mikaya's Adventure

In our small town every winter a very large (2 or 3 story) tree is put in the middle of the street for Christmas. It is decorated with lights and with ornaments that the elementary school kids make. One child from each class is chosen to go downtown, go up in the cherry picker, and hang their class's ornament on the Christmas tree. Mikayla was chosen to do so.

She was so excited! I was worried that she might freak out while being up so high but she didn't. She could only see out of the cherry picker if she stood on her tip toes and looked over.

Here she is waiting to go up.

Climbing into the bucket.

They won't take her very high, right?

I can't believe they took her all the way up there! She was up at least 20 feet high.

She had a blast and loved every minute of it. That night we then headed downtown for the light festival and the lighting of the tree. We all had a blast.


Stephanie said...

Looks like fun!

My father-in-law has a sign company so he owns a bucket truck (similar to the one pictured). He actually just gave my 4-year-old a ride in it yesterday. She LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

What fun! I think I would have been scared. Mom

allthingsjuice said...

What a terrific experience for her! I bet she'll always remember this event.