July 18, 2007

Growing Out of My Clothes

When I was pregnant with Mikayla I did put on 5 to 10 pounds pretty quickly. During the first trimester I was eating all of the time in order to prevent morning sickness. As long as I had food in me and I would not get too nauseous during the day. But that 5 to 10 pounds was all over. Well this time I am almost 11 weeks and I have gained 4 pounds. Not a whole lot but it is all in my belly and boy am I growing out of my clothes fast. Before I got pregnant I was a 6 or 8, today I put on the size 10 jeans (that I have been wearing for a few weeks) and well they are a little tight. I guess I will dig out the size 12's tomorrow. I am delaying the maternity jeans for a while because I HATE them. Also since this is summer all of my summer clothes are form fitting so that means I am growing out of them as well. Since I can't drive over to the local mall for a shopping trip I ordered a couple of shirts from Old Navy - it took them over a week to get here and I hate them!! So today I ordered more shirts but from Motherhood, I am hoping I love them and since we are going out of town at the end of next week I paid extra for 2 day shipping. Man - sometimes I hate living in a small town in the mountains. I do keep telling myself to just be patient because next weekend we are headed to see Joe's family and that means New Jersey, big city with malls and shopping. New clothes here I come!!

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Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I bet you look adorable...

How bout some pics of you and baby!!!

I loved Motherhood.... such cute clothes... and I hated those ikky jeans too!!